IML Walking Association Event

Linnémarschen Walking Event


Place: Borås, Sweden
Date: End of April.



- 42 Marathon Walk (all ages) = 360 SEK

Other courses 21 km Kype-Ymer, 21 km Rya åsar, 10,5 km Kype and 10,5 km Viskan):
- Adults (born 1997 or earlier) = 200 SEK
- Children/ Youth (born 1998 - 2007) = 150 SEK

INSTANT ENTRY at Saturday/Sunday 26 April/27 April

On-site entry is possible at Saturday/Sunday 27 April/28 April from 08.30 AM to start.
- 42 Marathon Walk (all ages) = 540 SEK

Other courses 21 km Kype-Ymer, 21 km Rya åsar, 10,5 km Kype and 10,5 km Viskan):
- Adults (born 1997 or earlier) = 270 SEK
- Children/ Youth (born 1998 - 2007) = 210 SEK

Please, do your entry at our website and pay with creditcard. The payment will be done to Hestra IF before Thursday 21 April 2014. The entry fee includes refreshments along the routes, and a "Linné" souvenir.


KM Start time
Marathon walk 42 km 08.00 to 09.00
Kype-Ymer 21 km 08.00 to 09.00
Rya åsar 21 km 08.00 to 10.00

Borås Arena - Borås Arena 360

Track and weather conditions

Description of the tracks (road, landscape)
The Linnémarschen Marathon Walk 42 km is a real accomplishment for those who are prepared and want some exercise and experience above and beyond the usual. The route runs along beautiful trails and road, counter-clockwise, around Borås,with an exotic start throughthe Borås Zoo. You'll pass many favourite spots, such as Svarttjärn and the new Älmås nature reserve.
The Linnémarschen 21 km Kype-Ymer follows the Marathon Walk route through the Borås Zoo and Kypeskogen Forest up to Ymergården, about at the 10,5 km mark. Afterwards, the route turns back, mostly proceeding downhill gently along varied forest pathes and road in the Kype area. The last part includes an incredible view from Tokarpsberg Hill, before the descent to the finish line at the Borås Arena. Many Saturday walkers will no doubt take part on Sunday, as well.

Linnémarschen named after Carl von Linné, is Sweden’s largest annual walking / sports event for everyone who likes to exercise and enjoy nature. Come and experience the beautiful and diverse views around western Sweden's second largest city, Borås. Linnémarschen offers both short and longer courses from 3 km up to the tough 42 km Marathon Walk, making Linnémarschen an event for everyone. Linnémarschen always takes place at the end of April, when nature is at its most beautiful and spring is in the air. Several of the courses pass through Borås Zoo where you have the opportunity to see moose, bears and other animals up close. You will also pass several other favorite spots in Borås including the nature reserve Rya åsar and the city's beautiful flower-filled city center. You will also experience several lakes, narrow forest rises, typical Swedish buildings, viewpoints, etc. Boras is the Nordic center for textiles, design and fashion. Here in this vibrant city with its exciting cultural scene, the experience is never far away. Borås has an interesting history and a constant stream of activities and events so why not take the opportunity to stay an extra day or two and experience the city as a whole.
Good care
The entry fee includes refreshments along the routes, you can shower and change clothes within Borås Arena. There are toilets at the start and finish area at Borås Arena. After the finish you can just relax and enjoy. You can buy hamburgers, sandwiches coffee, etc.
There are lotteries where you can win flowers and other things.

Souvenir - award

There is also a possibility of hard floor accomodation right next to the start and finish at Borås Arena. The price is 200SEK/night and it includes breakfast both Saturday and Sunday. Please kontact the office either by phone +46 33 243347 or by mail

Tourist information about the surroundings

More info about the city of Borås:
Borås Touristoffice,
Tel.: +46 33 35 70 90,

Information and reservation

Contact the office of Hestra IF, Mon. 13-17, Wed. 8-12 Thu 8-16 and Fri 13-17, phone +46 33 243 347, or write an e-mail to

General information

The language: Swedish (most of the people also speak English)
The money (currency): SEK


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions,
by mail or
by phone +46 33 24 33 47 at our office opening hours; monday 13.00-17.00, wednesday 08.00-12.00, thursday 08.00-16.30 and friday 13.00-17.00.

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