IML Walking Association Event

Zwei-Tage-Wanderung Fulda


Place: Germany, Fulda
Date: First WE of October


Registration form in the walk leaflet or on the website


10,00 € with award, 6,00 € without award


KM Start time Place start Finish time Finish place
± 11 km 07.30 am to 01.00 pm German American sportcentre 06.00 pm German American sportcentre
± 21 km 07.30 am to 11.00 am German American sportcentre 06.00 pm German American sportcentre
± 42 km 07.15 am to 08.00 am German American sportcentre 06.00 pm German American sportcentre

Note: There is a bus transfer for the 42 km route on Saturday (6.30 to 7.30). Bus fee: 5 €

Track and weather conditions

Description of the tracks (road, landscape)
On Friday we offer an afternoon walk of 6/11 km, which brings you into the city centre.
On Saturday, the first day of the IML Walking Association walk, there is 25 an 42 km route. The 25 km leads you south to Bronnzell, then to Eichenzell and the Fasanerie Palace. The extra loop for the 42 km brings you to the Rhoen Mountains and has some nice up and down in it. Since 2002 we offer a 'special version' of the 42 km route on Saturday: There is a bus transfer to the Rhoen Mountains and the walk starts from out there back to Fulda. In 2002 we had the first try, starting from the Wasserkuppe, the highest mountain in the area, and the walkers highly recommended this route. In the last years we started from some other places in the mountains.
On Sunday, the second day, there is also a 25 and 42 km which brings you mostly to the region northwest of Fulda. Part of the route is in the open and a big part, especially on the 42 km, is in the woods. There is some up and down but nothing serious. On the way back you will walk through the city centre of Fulda where you have the opportunity for some sightseeing.
Beside the walks there are different possibilities to spend your time here in Fulda: You can visit the city palace, the palace gardens, the Baroque Cathedral, the Fire Brigade Museum etc. You can also rent a bike or if you are into water sports you can rent a Kayak and go canoeing on the Fulda river.
Good care along the road
No Information available
There is music in the hall every evening.
You never know what kind of weather you will have in Germany this part of the year. We had some years with very good weather but also quite a few rainy days.

Souvenir - award

The medal for our walk remembers the Fulda Taler, an ancient coin that was used in the city of Fulda. Military groups can earn a special award, a little helmet that can be attached to the medal.


  • by flight: The best option is Frankfurt Airport.
  • by train: Fulda is an intercity stop. There is a connection to Frankfurt almost every hour (Frankfurt - Fulda takes about 60 min) and Fulda is also on the main track going to Hannover/Hamburg (north) and Wuerzburg/Munich (south).
  • by car: Fulda is on the main north-south highway A7, you can use the exits
  • 91 Fulda-Nord (from the north) or 55/93 Dreieck Fulda (from the south)


  • hotel: You can book hotels in different price ranges via the organizer of the walk.
  • camping
  • sports hall: We also offer mass quarters in sport halls and similar places in or around Fulda
  • others: Youth hostel and Seminarzentrum (sort of college)

Information and reservation

Wolfgang Wagner
Richard-Wagner-Str. 54
36043 Fulda

For English speaking walkers:
Thomas Seelmann
Erlacher Str.27
97320 Sulzfeld

Tourist information about the surroundings

General information

The language: German
The money (currency): Euro


Richard Wagner Strasse 54
D-36043 Fulda

tel. +49 66 19 33 88 78
fax: +49 66 19 33 88 79