IML Walking Association Event


Place: The Netherlands, Nijmegen
Date: 3rd week of July

Registration and Fees

Please check our website for the actual information about registration , fees , routes and distances , start , finish


30, 40 or 50 km per day. Please check the classification which is made according to age and gender.


Track and weather conditions

Description of the tracks (road, landscape)
The routes, 30, 40 or 50 km (daily) lead through the beautiful environment of Nijmegen and surrounding communities.
At our website you will find information about the routes .
The first day , " the Day of Elst ", goes through the Overbetuwe. The second day is by many participants experienced as heavy and dull. It is called " the Day of Wijchen " . Participants also walk through Beuningen & Weurt.
The third day is famous for the Zeven heuvelenweg ("Road of the seven hills") and is described by many participants as the most beautiful day of the Marches.
In Groesbeek, the central city of the day, the Zevenheuvelenweg starts and goes in the direction of the town Berg en Dal.
The last day of the Four Days Marches is famous for his Via Gladiola. In Malden all participants prepare for the final of the Four Days Marches, the glorious
entry in Nijmegen via St. Annastraat, renamed for this occasion as "Via Gladiola".
Good care along the road
For information about th
e facilities along the routes please visit our website. You will find information about toilet facilities , medical care and massage .
The International Four Days Marches Nijmegen are widely known and every year may thousands of people visit Nijmegen to support the long stream of participants.
Where the route leads through the city or one of the surrounding villages, the visitors support the hikers with a lot of enthusiasm and musical showpieces.

Souvenir - awards

For information about the different types of rewards you can visit our website.


Check our website for information about transport by car , bicycles and public transport services in and around Nijmegen night and day. Due to the increasing parking problem near the starting points, one is urgently requested to use public transport or a bicycle.


For information about housing you can visit our website.

Tourist information about the surroundings

General information

The language: Dutch (most of the people also speak English)
The money (currency): Euro


Stichting DE 4DAAGSE
P.O. Box 1296
6501 BG Nijmegen
The Netherlands
tel. +0900-4322473 (from The Netherlands, 15ct per minute)
tel. +00800-36873297 (from abroad)