IML Walking Association Event

Kyushu International Three-Day March


Place: Japan, Yatsushiro City in Kumamoto Prefecture
Date: May


To pre-register for this event please visit this homepage

Online Pre-registration Period: starts from the beginning of February to the end of March. A late registration after April 1st will be done in person at the start/finish place.
Overseas walkers who have entered by mail or e-mail can also pay by cash at the start/finish place. Japanese walkers should send the payment with their entry form.


Pre-registration: JPY 1,800
Registration on the day of the event: JPY 2,000
Welcome party fee: JPY 1,000 (an application in advance is necessary)



Track and weather conditions

Description of the tracks (road, landscape)
Walk along the fertile plains of Yatsushiro, where "rush grass" for Japanese mats are produced. This plain was created by the Kumagawa River to thesouth and the Hikawa River to the north (the Kumagawa River is one of the three fastest flowing rivers in Japan).
Take part in various walking courses during the three day event, and enjoy the beautiful natural sceneries such as the sea, the mountains, the rivers as well as the historical buildings, temples and shrines on the course. Furthermore feel the warm hospitality of the local people as you walk along your course.
Average daytime temperature  25 °C. Average nighttime temperature 13 °C
Special care along the course
Bring your own cup! Walkers can take in free drinks along the courses. There are free medical care and first-aid stations at start/finish area and along the walking routes.
At the start/finish area there are many events, drinks, foods, souvenirs, and Yatsushiro special local products are available. At the stage area various entertainments are held every day.

Souvenir – award

We will present the original kappa badges to the walkers who have completed their walking courses for three days. For the first time participants, the number first badge will be presented to them. In the following year, if the participants continuously complete their walking courses for three days, the second badge will be presented to them. The number on the badge increases as the number of times the walker participates in the Walks. Sanctioned by IML and IVV. The awards ceremony is held in the afternoon of the 3rd day at the start/finish area (the time is yet to be decided).


-by plane: Aso-Kumamoto Airport is 90 minutes from Haneda Tokyo Airport. Yatsushito Station is about 60 minutes from Aso-Kumamoto Airport by a direct bus called "Super Banpeiyu".
-by train: about 90 minutes from Fukuoka Airport to Yatsushiro Station (subwayKyushu Shinkansen bullet trainlocal train) The start/finish point is about 10 minutes from Yatsushito Station by foot.


Western-style hotels and Japanese-style hotels. Please make your own reservations by referring to the Kyushu International Three-Day March homepage. 

Information and reservation

Group Tour participation: Visit the website at
- Individual participation: the Kyushu International Three-Day March Secretariat (receiving an individual application for participation),

Tourist information about the surroundings

Tourist information of Yatsushiro City
(the Hinagu Hot Spring Resort, the Yatsushiro Castle ruins, the Tategamikyo Gorge, and Gokanosho, etc.)

General information

The language: Japanese
The money (currency): Yen


Kyushu International Three-Day March Executive Committee Head Office